About HolleyHearts

     HolleyHearts is a line of greeting cards that encompass the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of people who desire to relay their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to loved ones in a unique fashion. The words are heartfelt, sincere, and reach into the true depths of relationships. The expressions are of real life relationships.  

     This brand, HolleyHearts, was created by me, Lakisha Holley, a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, niece, sister, and friend ( in that order). I have been fascinated with greeting cards ever since I can remember. My loved ones always look forward to receiving cards from me because of my carefulness in assuring that they are true to my heart. However, on some occasions some cards just couldn't communicate my true feelings. This is where the idea of HolleyHearts came about. It has been many years in the making, but to God be the Glory.....Let the Journey Begin.